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    Cheese MR Hotdog 3 Pack

    SKU: FR6
    • Mozzarella cheese (pasteurised milk, salt, starter, cultures, rennet), rice powder, wheat flour, bread crumbs [wheat flour (US, Australia), salt, dextrose, yeast, mixed powder (corn starch, ammonium chloride, calcium sulfate, amylase, ascorbic acid], yeast

    • Air fry :

      1) Set the air fryer to 180°C-190°C. 

      2) Place the hotdog of your choice in the air fryer basket.

      3) Heat for about 9 minutes per hotdog.


      Microwave :

      1) Set the microwave on high setting. 

      2) Place the hotdog of your choice on a plate.

      3) Microwave for 1.5 minutes per hotdog.


      How to serve :

      1) Enjoy it the traditional way by sprinkling some sugar and top it off with ketchup & mustard.

      2) Or; Drizzle your desired sauce over the hotdog and enjoy!

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